Fall is here, but it steel feels like summer

The month of September brought me a new nephew, a crap ton of rain, a couple of days of dedicated computer design and lots of house/garden/yard chores as well as a fair amount of progress on facilities projects in the shop.

I sold and shipped two blades early in the month, and took a few deposits on the new Anubis 2020 tomahawk which I still have CAD work to do on before I get new blanks waterjet cut out from the 1095 I have waiting for processing at Beechwood metalworks.

This blog entry was supposed to be posted concurrently with the Omnivore Bladeworks Newsletter via email. I was going to do a nice video, take some pictures and screenshots, and really have a great marketing release for the new blades. Of course, I didn’t get the CAD work done, the shop is still in need of more organization and cleanup before I’ll feel good about a shop status video, and as usual, there are a million other things to do every day as well as the need to prepare adequate food during the day to keep me going.  Sometimes I wish my metabolism would slow down so I can start acting (or at least eating) according to my age.

There are many finished blades hanging around in the armory that need homes.  Many of them also need sheaths, which have not been developed yet.

I will be posting a mid month blog entry in October, as well as sending out a newsletter when I have finalized the Anubis and Aureus 2020 tomahawk designs so that I can get some feedback and deposits before getting blanks made.

The first batch of Anubis and Aureus 2020 tomahawks will be made from our standard 1095 with bainite heat treat.  They will be waterjet blanked, hand straightened, annealed, then probably straightened some more before being bolted down to a fixture in our “new to us” cnc mill where they will be machined to within about 85% of final geometry.  I will have to do some hand held grinding work prior to heat treatment, and of course, manual sharpening before and after Cerakote surface finishing.

In this upcoming batch, I will also be releasing the new Lotor S.E.R.E. knife, which I think will be the bee’s knee’s for just about every cutting job that an intermediate sized knife can do.  It’ll have an 8″ blade, but an overall length of a standard 10″ chef’s knife.

Look forward to a really bangin’ newsletter and blog post next month.  I’m super excited for good weather, finishing up a several shop facilities projects, and making a lot of very cool new cutting tools this fall and winter.