Uncia Uncia Khukri

The Uncia Uncia combat Khukri is a fighting blade with a specialty in thrusting and chopping.  The point region of the blade has an axe like cutting edge for splitting and other powerful strokes and is located in relation to the hand in the same place a typical carpenter’s framing hammer would be, so the dynamics are very familiar and intuitive.   The handle (shared with the Megalodon fighting knife) has an integral steel guard which protects the hand and serves as a striking point.  The hole in the upper hilt serves as a locking point for a quick release pin which is supplied with a kydex sheath designed for a thigh carrying position much like that of the Dire Wolf short sword  (detailed pictures and video of this weapon system, as well as cutting demonstrations will be posted this spring)

Blade material: 1095 Carbon Steel; Length: 12″; Thickness: 0.25″; Weight: 1 pound 6 ounces with balance 2″ in front of the handle

Price: $450

Uncia Uncia (improved version)
Uncia Uncia (D Guard version)