Month: December 2015

Christmas holidays come and go, but not my to-do lists

12-27-15, As the year comes to an end during this discombobulated holiday week, I’m trying to tidy up the shop and my apartment/office so I can fully devote myself work related tasks instead of getting distracted with housekeeping chores.  The various “to-do” lists are long, but I will be planning to work hard and long to […]

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Things were going so well; SNAP!

12-13-15 With only 10 working days left until all sorts of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration Craziness starts happening around here with family gatherings and such, I’ve been doing just about my best to hustle work along so I can get some blades out for a few customers who need things by next week. […]

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December 7th,”Slap a Jap Day”

I had a discussion with some friends about “Slap a Jap Day” last night.  Some of them seemed to think that such a name for a day is racist or something.  I don’t put too much thought into choosing words to keep from offending people because I went to kindergarten back in 1985 and learned […]

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