About SRE

Self Reliance Essentials Inc. is a unique company built around a simple premise:
To sustain a free society, individuals of that society must have knowledge of, and access to the tools that will allow them to ensure their individual survival and prosperity. The ability to preserve personal liberty and enable free choice is essential for the provision of a unique life experience.

SRE strives to provide tools for the facilitation of self sufficiency, liberty and survival of individuals, families and communities. We focus our efforts on the development of superior designs that will stand the tests of time. Therefore, our products and services are created for consumption by discriminating patrons.
Our passion for maintaining our own self sufficiency has provided us with experience in many fields, giving us an expansive perspective when we develop or test a product for our families, friends, and neighbors.

Mission Statement:
Supply the tools and information that will enable untrained persons to assess and provide for basic human needs.

Preserve the reward of our labors so that our futures may be rich and bright;

Evade societal enslavement and inspire others to pursue the true American Dream of Liberty through self reliance.

A Deeper look at Economics and Sustainability:

The ability to record and pass down knowledge and technology has set the human species apart from all others; to progress as a species, we must consider the past and potential paths of human existence on earth.

Exploring the Past:
Humanity’s departure from a natural mode of progress has diverted man’s function as a respectful steward of mother earth, to a merciless conqueror and destroyer, exempt from natural interference.
Accessible, abundant and portable energy has been the driving force of nearly all technological advancement of the past two centuries.
Simple human needs are provided on a societal level by big government and big business. Practical survival skills, normally learned at an early age by humans of primitive days, have become unnecessary and therefore lost by all but the most dedicated students of self sufficiency.
As modern technology infiltrates nearly every facet of our lives, it becomes more important to have a backup plan to ensure one’s survival and comfort should that technology become unusable during times of crisis.
Our success depends on continued vigilance. The accumulated knowledge of generations has inadvertently constructed modern civilizations much like houses of cards. When society hiccups, ignorance cannot possibly be construed as Bliss. Instead, lack of knowledge will most certainly prove to be a fatal deficit.

Defining Economics:
Tools are force and productivity magnifiers of human energy. This simple economic principle translates to all facets of human existence. A person, properly trained and equipped, can subsist comfortably in nature. When individuals know that they can fall into nature’s lap to survive in comfort, their lives can be lived more fully, risks can be taken in pursuit of greater achievement. An individual’s peace of mind is an important factor contributing to overall quality of life. A frantic life is neither comfortable nor productive; it makes uniformed decisions the status quo, and leaves opportunity knocking at the door, unnoticed, ignored.

Addressing Risks:
Regardless of race, religion, nationality or political affiliation, it is clear that Humans have and will continue to force their will upon one another. It is for this reason that we must prepare ourselves for the negative cycles of society.
Sustainable tools for a sustainable life:
Our primary goal is to design a lifestyle that is sustainable, and accounts for perpetuity, personal liberty, and the maintenance of all factors that define a standard of living.
SRE has identified and compiled the tools that can be universally termed “Essential”. Sourced from premium manufacturers around the free world, or carefully constructed at home in the SRE shops; these tools make the most basic human needs attainable in adverse, primitive, and even apocalyptic conditions.
By implementing advanced materials and corrosion resistant surface treatments, only minimal maintenance should ever be required. We design tools to last for generations when used as intended.
The key features of all SRE products are #1: Quality, #2: Practicality and #3: Value. We have done the searching and testing to determine the “Best in class” of all our product categories. We expect these products to sell themselves to the individuals who appreciate timeless and indispensable tools.

Looking Forward:

We continually seek to optimize all of our products. Suggestions are welcome; and if you have a specific task that needs attention, perhaps we can help you. Our designers stay busy, but are nearly always willing to answer emails or discuss possibilities on the phone.

Our office is open to visitors only by special appointment.
If you have any special projects or ideas you’d like to work on, but don’t have the facilities or experience to confidently put something together, feel free to call us for consultation.