Autumn is coming, thank goodness

Summer is always a challenge, but this summer was especially so because of the hemorrhoidectomy, and too many irons in the fire.

I’ve been getting around, doing a lot of normal chores, but not as much productive work in the shop as I should be. Somehow, days just evaporate and though I walk several miles just doing one thing after the other around the homestead, it feels like I haven’t gotten much done by the end of the day.

Something that seems simple; hooking up a big 3 phase converter; requires a significant amount of time and energy, along with planning and materials. Refinishing pieces of equipment so they can be reassembled and not look like a dirty pig rubbed all over them is another task that requires drier autumn weather, so as the days get shorter, and better weather allows for it, I’ll be fixing up some ugly things, putting them to use, and hopefully getting the work areas in the shop dialed in so I can have a very productive and happy winter work season, and even take a short vacation in October.

There are still many edged tools waiting to find new homes (because they are finished and ready to be listed for sale), and also plenty of unfinished blades to work on.¬† These are the important “Irons in the fire”, that somehow evade me on a regular basis because my enthusiasm and stamina for standing in front of the grinder or putting hours of sweaty manual work into them ebbs and flows as my squirrely attention span keeps my focus jumping from one mess to another more frequently than I should let it.

As I move forward in time, I’m aiming to reduce my squirrely proclivities, finish projects in the order that I begin them, and not bite off more than I can chew. Also, instead of hording things in the armory, I need to sell most of what I’ve already¬† made before I invest more time and money into new product.

Boiling this down, I reckon that a proper webstore, and listing of all my current inventory should be my first business related priority.

I also have a new niece or nephew who is supposed to arrive next week, so that’ll be exciting.