Holiday Delays 2018

I reckon this entire year has been a slow one in terms of progress with work.  Probably because time goes by faster as you get older, and projects that should take a day, end up taking a week or more. This blog post should have happened on the 25th, along with a video to show how things are moving along in the shop, but the hard truth of the matter is that projects on all fronts are just about as slow as molasses.

Today I spent a lot of time relearning how to edit the website.  Now that I think I know what I’m doing, I’ll be writing updated product descriptions, taking new photos, taking down some old photos and trying to make things flow a little better so folks can navigate, see more examples of my work, and hopefully get a webstore that is actually functional.  This has been on my list for a very long time but the tedious nature of computer work of this particular sort has definitely kept me from getting it done.

One thing that actually HAS gotten done lately is the latest cut nest for the waterjet service. New tomahawk blanks will be inbound within a couple of weeks, along with some knives and a couple of new Tanuki Waskisashi swords.

Today I had a communication with a customer about the old Horus design, and I suddenly realized that I need to redesign it and make it into a companion sword for the Anubis tomahawk.  I’m thinking of a sort of a modernized Falcata which is more of a Greek sword. I just looked up some Egyptian swords, and it seems they are pretty silly looking and don’t appear to be very functional.  Input would be appreciated on this new design.

There are about a hundred different projects that need my attention on any given day, so I think I’ll have to just put serious time in and do one thing at a time for a while instead of cross training so much.

With any luck, there will be some updates to the website tomorrow.