Be Prepared” is the Boy Scout motto; it is a simple guiding principle that many aren’t aware of, or do not see the importance of in our modern world.

At SRE, we believe that for an American citizen to fulfill his or her role as a productive, happy, and successful individual, he/she must be confident, and possess the capacity to rise to the occasion when situations require it. Collecting the appropriate equipment and training (mentally and physically) for events that would throw society into a tailspin is a responsibility for those who must protect themselves and loved ones from the elements and predators of all varieties. All civilizations come to an end: natural disaster, economic collapse, nuclear attack, fuel shortage, famine and drought are certain eventualities that can be prepared for. The ability to protect one’s life, liberty and property is imperative in order to continue the American way, even after our nation is ancient history. Our task at SRE is to try to make citizens more aware of the world around them, and to demonstrate and make available the tools that will promote success and independence.  While we hope to provide our customers with all the tools we’ve deemed essential for self reliance, we also don’t want to overburden or overwhelm anyone with extra junk that never gets used. We have tested and frequently use all of the products we sell, and aside from specialized emergency and battle equipment, it is our hope that products purchased from SRE will find productive roles in the hands of our customers.

Fear should not be a marketing tool. However, dangers in life are always present, and we should be aware of them. As a service to the less observant, we point out basic needs, common threats, and the tools and methods to address them. Danger can make life more interesting and exciting; being prepared for the unexpected is a great comfort and a trump card that few possess. It is for love of life that we prepare ourselves so that our progeny may live to enjoy the little things that make this world so special. This document outlines common obstacles and threats, and offers some starting points on the path to self reliance.

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Important Note: Use this information as a starting point to determine your individual needs and understand that this comprehensive list includes considerably more dangers and gear than would be required in all but the most extreme lifestyles. Many specialized tools can be improvised, and unusual obstacles overcome with duct tape, a Swiss Army knife, and some toothpicks. Knowledge is power, and while tools magnify that power, sometimes those tools are not practical to own.

General Awareness:
  • Identification of threats
  • Sensory utilization
  • Intelligence and information gathering
Physical preparedness:
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Strength
  • Martial arts
Gear for Every Day:
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Transportation
  • Communication and networking
  • Personal safety (protect your senses, life and limb)
  • Stuff to keep in your pockets, and/or your day bag
Gear for Emergencies:
  • At home
  • On the road
  • Wilderness
  • Rural
  • Urban
Security and “Eternal Vigilance”
  • Local, state, and national news (What is true and what is misinformation?)
  • Community organization (Constitutional protection citizen groups), ideas for meeting venues
  • Search for the truth (conspiracy theories, new world order, bunk, misinformation)
  • Venue for personal expression (publish an online newsletter, submit editorials to the local paper)
  • Relationships with county law enforcement (throw a party for the sheriff’s department)
  • Legislative action (demand representation from elected offices)
  • Community watch (install surveillance equipment, meet your neighbors)
  • Defending your rights, life, property (know the Constitution, stay on top of local legislature, be vigilant)

General Awareness: (Knowledge is Power. Know your Enemy.)

The brain is the primary tool in any difficult situation. Since there may be many solutions to each challenge we face, it is our individual choice, and innate ability to reason that allows us to be successful problem solvers. Our individual knowledge of ancient and modern history may provide important insight for current parallel situations. Over all other academic subjects, history is the one that should demand the most study and analysis. When you can predict what sort of danger may present itself, you will have a better chance of finding refuge before it arrives. As a part of an early warning system for emergencies, a personal study of historical disasters may provide valuable insight that could improve your ability to protect your home and family.

(It is important to keep this awareness in perspective. It should not become an obsession; instead, an automatic function that takes nothing away from your enjoyment of life, providing that secure feeling which comes from knowing your surroundings and being prepared.)

Identification of Threats:
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Domestic
  • Biological
  • Governmental
  • Fuel shortage
  • Food and water contamination or shortage

Sensory Utilization:

  • Observe your situation with all your facilities; don’t take simple anomalies for granted; analyze everything
  • Ensure that in the places you travel, you have the ability to use your senses. Avoid loud places, smoky bars, dark alleys, etc.
  • Protect your senses from extreme environments or chemical influence

Intelligence, Information Gathering and Communication: (Know what’s going on in your home, community and world)

  • Radio communication, weather, GPS, and navigation aides
  • Historical documentation (political, ecologic, geologic)
  • Navigation (gazetteers, topographic maps, GPS watches, conventional compass)
  • Weather and short wave news radios, all bands scanner, emergency broadcast band
  • Microphones, headphones, long distance listening tools
  • Video surveillance, optics/telescopes, night vision, motion sensors
  • Tactical communications (2-way radios, ear pieces, throat microphones)


Physical preparedness: Maintaining mental and physical health is paramount and supercedes all other forms of preparedness. If you can’t function, then you have no chance of saving yourself or your loved ones. The majority of diseases begin with poor diet and exercise habits. If this kind of life requires that you make a change to your present lifestyle, try to incorporate good principles of nutrition and physical fitness while keeping your personality and character – in other words, find a way to get in shape and enjoy it.

  • Local foods, grow your own
  • Raw, non-processed foods
  • Micronutrients, vitamin and mineral supplements, fiber supplements
  • Preservation, storage, refrigeration
  • Secure a water supply – uncontaminated sources: wells, rivers, creeks, springs, precipitation, etc
  • Purification – filtration, distillation, chemical sterilization, reverse osmosis (choose a system you can use on the run)
  • Accumulation and storage (keep it safe and ready)
  • Transport (keep your water with you always – easily transportable containers – easy to fill)
Strength & Fitness: The body must be conditioned to operate as directed; training is usually a necessity before any serious task
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Swimming
Martial Arts: Training the body and mind to overcome physical threats is a challenging and rewarding activity. It is an ambition that requires dedication and diligence to become an effective practitioner of any martial art. One cannot simply read about this and become proficient. You must have training under someone who is a professional, and you must put in the time to master these skills. Not only your own life but the lives of others could depend on how well you perform in these areas.
  • Tactical awareness (spotting predators, ambushes, spooky situations)
  • Escape and evasion (knowing where you are and how to travel unseen while staying healthy)
  • Unarmed defense and offense
  • Armed tactics, solo and squad
Recreation: Mental and physical stimulation for entertainment and the prolonging of sanity in this time of uncertainty.
  • Taking time to play so you don’t go crazy preparing for the worst
  • Combine play and training (airsoft, paintball, hiking, camping, exploring, mountaineering)
  • Meditation and zen activities (yoga, nature appreciation, bird watching)
  • Family bonding, neighborhood bonding and relationship development, romance and intimacy.
  • This should be fun for all involved. Creating a schedule for overall health will be tuned to your individual interests; however, making a jaunt into unknown territory can be a lot of fun.Gear for every day use: Here are general and specific gear recommendations.
  • Simple, daily apparel for work and recreation
    • Light, premium wool/synthetic fabric for maximum comfort and durability (cotton is ok too, but don’t get it wet)
    • Functional pockets only in the right places
    • Fit for freedom of movement
  • Advanced, purpose built shirts and pants for optimum protection and versatility
    • Non absorbent fabric (wool/poly) with nylon and/or spectra/turtleskin reinforcement for abrasion and cut resistance (Nomex, Protera version for firefighters)
    • Pocket locations for easy access and load bearing superiority
    • Unlimited range of motion; athletic fit, protection from all elements
  • Headgear (one hat for all conditions, sun and rain, adjustable tension head band)
    • Mosquito net (head sack) stores in crown
    • Ventilated attic zone with reflector to keep solar radiation out or body heat in
    • Crushable for portability

Footwear: You only get one pair of feet for a lifetime, treat them right with high quality footwear.

Personal Safety:

  • Safety and sunglasses, goggles (Bobster)
  • Ear plugs (Moldex)
  • Gloves (dexterity, quality leather, turtleskin, tactical) Camelback
  • Sun protection (sun block, hats, cool shirts and pants)
  • Dust masks and respirators (Moldex, 3M, Test and evaluation, sources, etc)
  • Hazmat (tyvek, vinyl, chemical weapon suits and respirators)

Stuff to always keep on your person (pants/shirt pockets and belt):

Stuff to keep in your day pack/go bag (not a briefcase):

Gear for Emergencies

At Home: Surveillance, Early Warning Systems, Contingency Plans, Power Outage, Home Invasion
  • Fire: Breathing apparatus, Nomex coveralls, gloves
  • Flood: Life raft with supplies and shelter
  • Tornado / Hurricane: Underground shelter
  • Earthquake: Mobile supply and shelter
  • WMD: Emergency shower, eye wash, Atropine, potassium iodide, air and water and food sources, underground shelter
  • Power Loss: Backup Generator, water pump, heat source, food refrigeration backup, oil/propane lanterns
  • Health Emergency: Trauma, heart failure, allergic reaction, flu, burns, asphyxia, pain killers, muscle spasm, poisoning
    • Oxygen
    • 1st Aid and surgical kit
    • Albuterol, Epinephrine
    • Electrolyte fluid replacement, IV
    • Basic OTC medications and emergency prescriptions
  • Home invasion, burglary, zombies: Security system, booby traps, safe room, escape system, weapons and armor
    • Closed circuit cameras and motion sensors, alarms
    • Guarded entry points, nasty shrubbery, traps
    • Reinforced wall system, ventilation, underground shelters, tunnel systems
    • Firearms, OC gas/pepper spray
    • Ballistic Helmets: Titanium, Composite, Ulbrichts AM95
    • Body armor and face shield
On the Road:
  • Mechanical failures
    • Tools
    • Illumination
    • Fuel, Tires, Battery, Critical Spare Parts
  • Collision or catastrophic failure (survivability improvements [internal and external])
  • Environmental: Rain/Flash flood, Fire, Cold/Snow, Fire, Summer heat
    • Rain gear (hip boots, parka, hat, PFD)
    • Nomex coveralls, gloves, boot covers, balaclava
    • Winter clothing, boots, gloves, hat, heat source, fire source, space blanket, snow shovel, snow shoes
    • Summer clothing to protect from exposure, hat, sunglasses, extra water, shade shelter
  • Societal unrest; human or animal threat:
    • Defense tools:
      • Vehicle armor
      • Smoke screen
      • Road stars to halt pursuit
      • non lethal deterrent (pepper gas, pepper paintballs, noise, strobe light, rubber buckshot)
    • Offense tools: (A steering wheel provides instant access to lethal force, Vehicle is a weapon)
      • Bumpers, Running boards
  • Rescue apparatus:
    • Fire extinguisher, fire blanket
    • Forcible entry 1, 2,
    • Water Rescue: Floatation ring/rope
    • Recovery: Tow cable/rope/winch, personnel harness, protective gear (gloves, helmet, goggles)
  • Medical Gear: 1st aid, anaphylaxis treatment, pocket mask, tourniquets, splints

Security and “Eternal Vigilance”:

It is the individual’s responsibility to himself and his family to ensure their personal and community security. Our purpose to create a better life for future generations starts with self reliance, and spreads up and out to create a society built on a sound economic foundation.

Local news: Get involved with your local papers, radio, and television stations; know what’s going on in your neighborhood that could affect you and your family.
Community: Discover and interact with people who will understand your political and economic stance. Spread enthusiasm for independence and the principles with which our country was founded.
Villains: Keep a watchful eye for injustice, corruption and flagrant immorality.
Exercise your rights: Develop your opinions and straighten out the facts so when you choose to let your voice be heard, you will demand attention and respect because of your clear and concise language. If you’re ambitious, try publishing your own paper.
Law enforcement: Establish a relationship with your sheriff. Apply for your concealed handgun permit, or help your community embrace open carry. Help your community with your awareness. If something doesn’t look or smell right, it might be worth telling your sheriff about it.
Representation: If you don’t express your opinions to your elected officials, then they won’t know how to represent you. Write to them regularly and let them know how you feel about all the issues that affect you and your loved ones. Encourage your friends and family members to do their part. Democracy only works when we actually speak up. Write editorials to inspire others to get involved and take action.

Life, Liberty, and Property: Why does America work? Rather, Why HAS America worked thus far? How can it be saved from inevitable failure induced by greed and corruption?