Anubis: The Ultimate Tomahawk

Anubis, The Ultimate Tomahawk:

The role of the tomahawk in battle has been defined by many cultures. The dynamics and cutting ability of an axe are simply scaled down for use on objects generally softer than trees. On the battle field, speed and precision often surpass brute force, which is why “Anubis” is made with a central balance point to increase combat efficiency.

A thorough study of hatchets and striking tools has resulted in this cutting tool’s geometry, dynamics, ergonomics and aesthetics. The long handle and central balance point allow faster, powerful, yet controlled strokes to be delivered with less user fatigue. As opposed to a straight handled Vietnam-style tomahawk, the familiar feel of the carpenter’s framing hammer are reproduced, making common cutting chores as simple as driving nails.  Make no mistake, Anubis is not a small or light weight tool.  It requires a strong hand and skillful coordination to wield without causing injury to its operator.

As a combination all purpose cutting tool and weapon, Anubis has no rival. Its multiple cutting edges allow a variety of efficient utilitarian and combat cutting techniques. The rear spike may be implemented for common or extreme purposes. The hooking edges may be used as an aide for field dressing large game, or skinning limbs and saplings during construction of wilderness shelters. The top mohawk edge may be used for scraping, shaving and slicing; all chores not usually undertaken by more typical hatchets and tomahawks.


  • Tanto spike for aggressive penetration (can get stuck in things pretty deep and be difficult to remove)
  • Sharpened hook under spike for increased weapon retention during combat
  • Sharpened hook behind beard of axe edge for pull cutting chores
  • Sharpened mohawk edge


  • .25 thick 1095 Carbon steel, 54 HRC at edge
  • Overall Length: 18.5
  • Weight: 2.2 Lbs with handle

Standard Order Options: $550 (price subject to change according to cost of materials, supplies and manufacturing efficiency)

  • Standard finishes: Cerakote solid colors
  • There are options for the sheath system; please specify if you are right or left handed, if you prefer Molle, or belt carry, and sheath color (OD, Coyote, Black). Other colors are available at additional cost.
  • Black, natural or green micarta handle scales (removable)

Custom Order Options:

  • 3 color Cerakote Camouflage finish (+ $50): Free form Woodland, Multicam, ACU, Tigerstripe patterns available
  • Custom handle scales (Price subject to material cost)