Dire Wolf

Intent of Design:

The “Dire Wolf” was inspired by final fight scene from the movie “Rob Roy”.  The Scottish Claymore used by the protagonist demonstrated its power and cutting efficiency with a single, deadly cut. Because Rob Roy was a shepherd of sorts, and probably dealt with wolves, I decided that “Dire Wolf” would be a good name for this blade.

As you can see in the CAD rendering and gallery pictures, the “Dire wolf” is a semi symmetric double edged short sword optimized thrusting and chopping ergonomics as well as a quick draw from a drop leg sheath. This blade can fulfill the role of a Bowie, Smatchet or Bolo, Khukri and probably put most tomahawks in their place in regard to pure cutting power.

The back edge is available with angled serrations just like the Uncia Uncia Khukri,  and because of the straighter pull cut geometry, it may be slightly more intuitive for circumferential cutting techniques.

of The D-guard variant offers hand protection and cqb impact weapon function. The guard-less variant is more adept at survival/camp building chores where lots of chopping might be on the agenda.

The D guard can be a benefit and a liability. The strut in the middle is intended, and I believe, necessary to prevent the blade from rotating in the hand to a point where it is no longer under the control of its operator. The sacrifice, is that the strut can be painful to the fingers. However, because the opening is large enough, it’s easy to let go of the knife in an emergency.

Ambidextrous sheath is set up for drop leg carry or Molle webbing mount

2022 price to be determined:

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