There are a couple of the original “baby crow” daggers left in the shop, but I think I’ll be keeping them for posterity.  The new version will all be hidden tang variants, and the name shortened to “Crow”.  I think that an intermediate length dagger between a EK sized concealment version and a full out combat “fairbairn” size dagger is unnecessary.  For boot or neck carry, it makes sense to go small and light, yet tough and of singular purpose.  A real cross guard will help with user safety in slippery situations, and by fully enshrouding the tang, and using a Micarta tang pin, electricity and cold or hot won’t conduct into the hand if you don’t touch the metal.

The new batch of Crow daggers are heat treated but don’t have their fittings or grips yet.  There are 1095, 5160 and 3V versions in the works.  Also there are some 1095 hollow ground ones with an extra light tang profile. Further more, there are a hand full of 1/8″ thick AEBL stainless blanks that will be Ultralight and sneaky.  They may need Aluminum or composite cross guards to earn the name “Ultralight Crow”.  Guards for the 1/4″ thick blades will be mostly case hardened 5160 or unhardened 3v steel since they are already blanked out, but brass or other materials can be substituted. Grips will be Micarta, and perhaps a few will be stabilized wood. There are some that will be fully hand finished, and some that hopefully will get some CNC handle texturing.  Extra attention will be given to sharpening so that in spite of the thick blades (1/4″ stock) there will be a very fine edge to work with.  Grips and hilts will be epoxied with West System Gflex for maximum adhesion and durability.  Exposed steel needs to be corrosion proofed, so it’s most likely that Cerakote or KG Gunkote will be baked on prior to final fitting.

Prices to be determined and will include a sheath and shipping charges

Bill's Baby Crow1 Bill's Baby Crow2

AEBL Stainless and CPM3V versions will be set when they become available later this spring.  They will be made from 5/32″ and 3/16″ stock, respectively