Tanuki Wakisashi

This mid sized Japanese inspired sword fits into the Wakisashi (Castle sword) form factor category. It has a 20″ blade and 10″ handle so it can be used both as a primary or a backup cutting tool and weapon.

CNC waterjet cut blanks are hand ground from 1095 steel, and then Austempered in house to ensure optimal strength and straightness. Edge hardness is between 55 and 60hRc, while the body of the blade maintains springy, yet slightly ductile properties so when cutting form is poor, or impacts are too severe, the blade shows its operator by taking a set before snapping unexpectedly. This heat treating method provides excellent cutting performance and a safety factor that is typically not present in other high carbon steel blades.

We will be producing 12 swords in 2018


Price $750

Pictures coming soon