The Raven Dagger series got a bit out of hand. With 4 versions available, we’ve basically made a lot of extra work for ourselves because we know that different folks are going to want different qualities in their primary dagger.

Standard: 7″ Flat ground, full tang, ergonomic handle, Molle sheath for vest carry: Battlefield chores and self defense $250-$350

OSS Ultralight: 7″ Hollow ground, hidden tang, Composite guard and textured grip, Minimalist boot sheath: Deep cover letter opener $225-$325

Ultimate: 7″ compound grind blade with strongest point, hidden tang, Metal cross guard, Boot/Molle and SOB sheath: One dagger to rule them all $350-$1000

Magnum: 8″ compound grind wide blade, Full tang, Belt/drop leg: Dagger that wants to be a throwing Bowie knife $350-$650

Prices vary according

Blade steel: 1095, CPM3V, AEBL stainless

Handle material: Micarta, Terrotuf, stabilized wood