Places We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

Traveling freely through the USA is an important civil right that we must never lose.  This country belongs to us; it is our only real source of wealth as a nation.  We must protect it from foreign invasion and ensure that our public land isn’t sold off to or put under the management of foreign powers that have no appreciation for its history in the shaping of our American way of life.

As our population grows and our economy becomes even more global, we must be even more vigilant in our efforts to protect the health of our planet.

This page is intended to provoke feelings of sentiment for the earth that provides all of our resources, and to encourage a more conscientious consumer’s lifestyle.

A good starting point is to reflect on our current dependence on trucks, trains and ships to transport mass produced goods and food all over the nation.  Local manufacturing and food production can reduce transport costs, energy consumption, and waste generated by packaging.