Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

“Do Y’all like sharp things?!”

My new video intro should get put into use this year much more than before, as I begin to photograph, video demonstrate and put to market many of the new creations I’ve been working on these last many months.

The Anubis tomahawk is supposed to be featured in this March’s issue of Gun World Magazine in a “Tomahawk” roundup. We are looking forward to finally building the new grinding machine that will allow us to do all the arc bevel grinding processes on one machine that will take the load off of the old Bridgeport, and eliminate the need to hire out CNC machining that costs too much for the resulting quality.

From now until Blade Show (June1st-4th) I will be finishing all old work, while beginning new production of Tomahawks and a hand full of other designs that have been proven sellers. This year I don’t want to spread myself too thin, so I can have fun making a living, make time for play, and actually do some product testing out in the woods so we can have some decent videos so everyone can actually understand what the tools do, and why they are something worth spending money on.

Our shop space always seem to be crowded with extra stuff and distractions that get in the way of real work. This year, I’m dedicated to minimizing, de-cluttering, and making the shop into a space where more than just one person can work efficiently.  In addition to the rotary grinding machine, I’ll be building an edge grinder of my own design, a 10x 36″ platen flat sander so long, wide blades can have a nicer satin finish on the flats before bevel grinding begins.  For kitchen knives and any blades with a natural finish, this will be a big help.

Today the family celebrates Christmas, the reminder to all that humanity is on purpose, that love, kindness and generosity is reaped as it is sown, and that each of us is loved by our creator. It is  a time to be grateful for life, regardless of the challenges we face, and to reflect on who we are as people and refocus our energies toward goodness and the responsible stewardship of our planet.

I recycle and so should you. There’s usually extra trash after Christmas, so please try to figure out a place to put it other than the land fill.