10 days early or 20 days late

Today it suddenly got warm.

Weather here in NC is a bit mercurial, there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to it, and a person who works for himself and has a million projects indoors and out can keep a task list that is weather dependent.  Today I should be outside taking advantage of the mild temperature and lack of rain, but instead I’m starting my day on the computer.

The March issue of Gunworld Magazine has a Tomahawk Roundup, in which we have our Anubis tomahawk featured. There is an online version and I expect the printed version will be on Newsstands very shortly.  I am worried that demand for tomahawks will be increased to quickly for me to keep up.  Of course, if 100 people suddenly are ready to lay down their money, then perhaps we can afford to scale up the operation and I can finally get a part time helper in the shop.

Right now, I have NO Anubis tomahawks in stock, and no blanks from which to make new ones. I DO have a good pile of steel waiting at the Waterjet shop to be blanked, so at least we’re ahead of the game from a material standpoint.

Since the last batch of blades I worked on (which I thought was 3/16″ thick 1095) turned out to be low carbon steel that is not good for much other than spreading butter, I have been trying to get compensation from the steel supplier for their mistake, making shop improvements, tackling many other projects, and grinding a batch of .2″ thick CPM 3V blades. I hope to get them all ready for heat treat in the next week or three, and get ready to start working on tomahawks again asap as I crosstrain in the shop going from the grinder to the straightening press, to the sheath press, to the sandblasting cabinet, and the CNC router, Etc….  I’ll be busy as a beaver until well into May, when I’ll have to start getting ready for the Blade show in Atlanta this June.

Nothing like a deadline to make a guy get stuff done.

I’ve just created a “Customer Feedback” page under the “About SRE” tab, so if you are a customer, and would like to share your experience with me and my blades, I’d be happy to post it so others can benefit. Some day perhaps I can create a forum for discussion, but with my current time demands, I don’t know when that’ll be manageable.

Customer Feedback

I keep threatening to work on the website, take pictures and add shopping cart functionality, but I seem to be a bum in the web development department. Perhaps I can swear off leisure time for a while, along with animal protein except eggs, alcohol and caffeine so I can make the most of the last month of my 37th year of life on this planet. Time sure does go by fast!

I invite you to visit our facebook page @omnivorebladeworks to get more frequent updates.  We also have an instagram page, but I’m terrible at remembering to use it.


I’d better do some real work now.