Niece’s 2nd Birthday

Well, I missed my deadline again.  Luckily, Today there’s a birthday party to remind me that the 25th just happened.  My Sister’s daughter is 2 years old, and I dropped the ball on the present I was going to make. A growth (height) chart with a custom CNC carved head piece that looks like a lamb or sheep.  My problem is finding a good looking picture of a sheep that I can import into the carving program that will look awesome, and a little badass, but not too badass (like a big horn sheep with fangs and steam coming out of it nose) because it’s a height chart for a farm girl, and not a Tarheels fan even though she may go there because it’s within commuting distance from the farm. Anyway, I had other things on my plate so today at the party, I’ll take some sheep pictures and see what happens.

On Tuesday, I took a load of 101 ground blades to American Metal Treating for Austempering. They called me on Friday afternoon to say they were done, so I’ll be picking them up Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.  I need to make handles and be ready to flush sand them, but I don’t have the new horizontal profile sander built yet, so I may get delayed because of that.

I really have too many irons in the fire.

I need to get more blade blanks cut out of cpm3V very soon, so I can get some custom orders filled before Christmas, and fulfill my own desires to have a set of my new hidden tang Corvidae and Tanuki series blades completed and hung up on the wall in my own apartment. I expect they’ll be magnificent, and hopefully will set a precedent for a level of quality and artistry in the Omnivore BladeWorks product line for the future.

As the nights get longer this season, I hope to put more time into making the website more efficient and try to make my work more easily accessible to customers who prefer to click-and-buy instead of actually talking to me and waiting around for customized options. There’s always work to be done, and side projects nagging at me, but I have some deadlines and  priorities laid out, so I think some serious progress will be made on all fronts before Christmas.

See you next month.