An long overdue blog entry


I happened to look at the calender on my computer, and noticed that it’s the 25th of the month, which is when I’m supposed to write in this blog. It’s one month from my niece’s birthday. She’ll be two.

The last 9 months have been pretty busy. There have been injuries, setbacks, progress, ducks and chickens, A crap ton of gardening work, lots of lawn mowing, house painting, deck building, other challenges (both physical and emotional), and a little bit of knife making.

It seems to me, that people in one’s life can add or subtract energy, multiply it, encourage it, or exponentially grow it. The people who create exponential growth of energy are the kind that I want around, and it’s really hard to find them, or if you do, it’s hard to get them to hang around for very long or realize just how awesome of an impact they can have. Working and living with people also creates challenges, because people have different needs, goals, and purpose in life. People like me are very picky about some things (maybe irrationally so), and don’t give two shits about other things that may objectively seem important to the majority of humans. The people in my life, and my laziness have contributed to the lack of attention I have been giving this blog, and I hope to change that forthwith.

This fall, I have been grinding on a batch of new blades in 3/16″ thick 1095. I am also about to get a piece of .2″thick CPM3V blanked with various old and new designs, along with a couple of big pieces of 1/4″ thick 1095 that will be turned into swords, tomahawks, and little things to fill in the gaps.

We have booked our table at Blade 2018. I don’t know the table number yet, but I will definitely give out the details when I have them. We will be collaborating on some new swords with a form factor resembling Wakisashi with Jet Skelton (JBS Bladeworks).  He will be at the table with us to show off and sell. I will be posting updates from the project on our instagram and facebook feeds, and hopefully put up a product page on this website as soon as we have something to show.

We have some “Ursus Series” T-shirts in stock, so if you’d like one, please contact us to order. I’ll hopefully find time to make a product page for that too.

Overall, things are looking better lately. Now that I am caffeine free, I feel more energetic, pain free and probably 5 years younger. I highly recommend kicking the addiction, especially if stress is a factor in your life.

We are almost out of tomahawks in inventory now, and will be tooling up to make new ones as quick as we can. This means finishing the turntable grinding machine, and building some new fixtures. We’ll hopefully be pumping up the volume, and increasing quality. We will be assembling an in house heat treating system for Austempering swords and prototypes, and building a bigger cerakote oven so we can coat said swords without having to get too creative with hanging them up to cure.

Please like our facebook page:

And find us on instagram too. omnivorebladeworks.   I don’t know how to link that, but I’m sure you can figure it out if you have one of these smart phones.

I’m setting my calendar to remind me to post another blog entry next month.  Until then, keep it squirrelly