August-The beginning of the end (of the hot weather)


My apologies for being so inconsistent with blog updates; lots of life and work happens every day, and lately, blogging hasn’t seemed like a priority.   I promised one customer two days ago, that I’d have a blog post yesterday, but I was so entranced in work, that I didn’t even get to the computer for more than a few moments.

On monday, I took a 4×8 foot sheet of 1095 to our fairly local waterjet cutting service.  Beechwood metalworks operates a sheet metal fabrication shop for both industrial and architectural customers (they specialize in artistic sculpture).  The owner, Casey, is a pretty nice guy, and has treated us as right as he can in terms of pricing his waterjet services, and in being pretty easy to deal with.

The new cut nest has a lot of Anubis/3B tomahawk blanks in it, and as many new little knives I could nest in between, along with a few big blades, and a couple of weird swords to play with.  This sheet of 1095  is the last one we have been holding onto in the shop, so as soon as we get the blanks back, and have a chance to check all the dimensions and compare them with our in house CNC jigs and fixtures, we’ll get 3V blades (promised for too long) cut out and start getting them ready to grind.

There are a few culinary knife designs (hybrid tactical chef, steak and utility knives that would be appropriate just as much for the wilderness as home kitchen) that I would like to refine before we blank out the stainless AEBL steel we have on hand, but I expect we’ll get to that well in time for next year’s blade show.

My left shoulder is healed enough to do all of the work tasks I undertake in all aspects of blade production, and it seems (I just tested with two of each) that I can do pushups and pullups, but I haven’t gotten back to an exercise routine yet.  I caught a glimpse of the American Ninja Warrior show the other night, and am inspired to get back into shape asap.

I have a few more organization and shop improvement projects to finish up before I can really get gung ho on finishing the batch of tomahawks I have on hand, but if all goes well, I’ll be polishing with the rotary table in the next few days, and then work on cleaning up the blade bevels so I can send them out for heat treat by the end of the month.   I have a deadline for a baker’s dozen of new smallish knives that must be done by the end of the month, so I’m going to get as many other things heat treated at the same time as humanly possible.    I may run myself ragged for the next few weeks, but I suppose that’s what I get for being so behind on work (due to injury as well as some procrastination)

Cerakoting is best done during our southern indian summer, so most of September, and most of October will be devoted to that operation; (straightening, sandblasting and coating).   To maintain my sanity, I’m going on a vacation to see family and friends in Oregon at the end of September, so during that period, I’ll be recuperating from the rush that’s happening from now till then.

If you have something ordered, please get set in your mind what colors you want if you haven’t decided, and expect a call or email from me after I’ve made a blog entry stating that blades are back from heat treat, and ready for final finishing.

I’ll do a video shop status report and post the link here as soon as I get the shop cleaned up again from my current mess, and demonstrate the new rotary table fixture and other stuff like new blade designs.