A friend came to town for a long weekend, so we all pitched in to do some gardening work.  One handed gardening is not fun at all, especially when it’s hot.  Whenever there are people around (family or friends) doing what I consider real work (the stuff that I’ve always done), I tend to try to pitch in and be helpful, even when I should be on the couch resting.

My shoulder IS getting better, and I have a checkup on Thursday.  I’m supposed to be wearing a sling all the time, but I’ve substituted it often by putting my thumb in my belt to help hold up the arm.  It’s not as hot and sticky that way, which is my main gripe about the sling.

I will be spending more time on design work this week while it’s so hot, and hopefully we’ll have a break in the heat, so it will be less dreadful to be in the shop to get some organizing projects finished up.

Riggs had been mostly banned from the house during this hot period because he won’t stop shedding hair.  Right now he’s in the shop armory with his own air conditioning.  He’s been sleeping most of the day, but has been out with us in the garden too.

I’ll make another video update when Dad and I have made some progress on shop improvements, and I have shipped the Kodiak swords I owe three guys who are paid in full.