See you in September

September is one of the best months in North Carolina.  The weather starts getting cooler and drier, the bugs start to die, and the leave start thinking about turning into fireworks.

For me, Autumn is the best time to do lots of Cerakoting because there is much less humidity in the air.  As long as I live in the Tarheel state, I should probably schedule my entire production around using this beautiful season for just shooting Cerakote.

This year, because of so many various delays, injuries and general disarray, I’ll be spread too thin, and have to multitask as usual.  Today I made a grip routing fixture for the Murder II sword, and used it to make two sets of grips from black Micarta.  I also did some picking up in the shop, reassembled a S&W Bodyguard that I had Cerakoted pink for a customer, and did some work on a couple of fancy Kodiak swords.   One that is just sort of fancy needs to go to France asap, and the other is going to get sold to a guy from Texas I think.

The tomahawk situation hasn’t changed since I made the last video.  I realized right after posting the video, that it will be ridiculous to use the Dynafile to grind down the underhook bevels to where they need to be.   I will instead, have to set up my mill, and run all the tomahawks through one pass with my old fixture in order to get them close enough to do the clean up grinding.   If my cutter inserts are sharp, and I get my feeds and speeds right, then I shouldn’t have too much to clean up after that.  I will hopefully be in a position to get the mill set up and cutting by the end of the week, and if that goes well, we should be in a position to heat treat a load of tomahawks before I go on a little Autumn vacation to visit family and friends out west.

Looking at the website, I realize there are some product pages without pictures.  With luck, I’ll get a few items made to a point where they are photogenic so I can take pictures in the next week, then take a laptop on the road so I can do some website updates.

Until Next time…