August 25, my niece is 10 months old today

This has been the most humid summer ever, but thankfully, the days are beginning to get shorter and cooler.

Work on everything in the shop has been a little slow, because I tend to take more time on individual projects than I should.  Final metalwork on the new batch of Anubis tomahawks should be concluding over the weekend and then they’ll head for the heat treater.  There are a few other weird blades I should get done too, so I can add them to the batch, probably later next week.

Today I’ll be cutting out some grips for AEBL blades with the cnc router.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to custom fit the grips to their corresponding blade blanks, do some rough bevel grinding in areas that won’t affect heat treatment, and then send the mostly unground blanks out for heat treat so the final grinding can be done wet, like everybody is telling me I should try.

I’m also in the process of flat sanding and straightening some thick 3V blades (not tomahawks yet) so I can grind them in their soft state.

There are a lot of blades hanging around in the armory that need homes.  I will be getting them all sheaths, and sharpened and then try to get an online store figured out on this website so we can have a “click  and buy” option for items in stock.

I still have plenty of work to get done before I can start thinking about the next batch of blade blanks.  I can tell you that if and when we start the next batch of full sized tomahawks, the design will be revised slightly to allow simpler CNC production.  We’ll retain all the same functionality and probably improve some of the handling characteristics.

The current model will become a collectible, so if you’ve been waiting for one and haven’t paid yet, there are about 30 in the works that will be available for sale by the end of September.  I will be sending out emails to those of you on the verbal order waiting list so we can get payments in, and finalize cerakote and sheath color preferences.

As always, thanks for being patient. This has been a tough year so far, but it looks like we’re over the hump and ready to make some great things happen on a lot of fronts this fall.