July twenty five and the heat is high

It feels like it might be a summer of record temperatures here in the middle of North Carolina. Because the shop is an uninsulated steel Quonset hut, it is necessary to run the exhaust fan as long as the sun is out, because an incredible amount of solar energy transfers into the steel, and radiates down into the airspace, which if allowed to be stagnant, becomes quite intense during the day.  Last summer, one of our old inflatable camping pads stored on the upper level of the shop blew its seams.  Who knows what other hidden treasures may have also exploded over the 6 summers we’ve been hoarding stuff up there.

Progress with knife and tomahawk making has been dampened by the heat, but more by the humidity.  Sandblasting and Cerakoting becomes a chore that is impractical because of flash rust, and condensation that occurs when hot moist air is compressed, and then released from either the blasting nozzle, or the paint gun.  It’s just a job that cannot be undertaken during a regular sweltering Carolina summer day.

A hand full of fine customers have come through with payments for some tomahawks and knives, which I should be shipping out the majority of by the end of this week.

Another big task on this weeks list is to do the underhook polishing on the rest of the Anubis tomahawks that I have ready for that process. At that point, I’ll be able to do the bevel grinding, and have them heat treated.  They’ll be ready just in time for late August, which tends to be dryer, and sometimes hotter than July so Cerakoting becomes more practical.

Updating our website is also on my list, as well as to begin grinding the CPM3V heavy knife blanks that have been waiting around for a while.

As always, there are too many irons in the fire, and not enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished.

Thanks for your patience and your support.