Pre-BladeShow 2018 report

Do Y’all like sharp things?

My new tagline for shop status and blade design/testing videos is pretty darn silly, but I think that a bit of silliness is healthy.

I’ve been working like an industrious squirrel trying to get things done for patient customers, and for speculative sale at the blade show.  A few fine fellows will be picking up blades in person, and I hope that there will be plenty of good criticism and consultation about my designs when folks get to put them in their hands.

I’ll be leaving Greensboro on Thursday after noon with my very large cousin Caleb. We’ll be setting up table number 27P on Friday morning with a smattering of knives, swords and tomahawks. We’ll also have a box full of Omnivore Bladeworks T-shirts for sale.

We’ll have some cash to make change, and the credit card reader, and we’ll also have a box of project knives (mostly finished stuff that I lost interest in) for young/aspiring knifemakers to buy cheap to practice handle fitting and such.

check the channel for a final video update on Thursday