Birthdays can be great if nobody can guess your age


Yesterday, I turned 36 years old.  One of the traditions I started for myself on my birthdays since age 30 is to do as many consecutive pull-ups as I am years old, plus one to grow on.  Last night, after a bit of feasting, drinking, and monkeying around in the shop with friends, I attempted my “birthday pull-ups”.  I was able to do 32 in a row, then took a 20 second break, and did 6 more.  I hope to try again by next Friday and get all 37 knocked out clean.

The video should be a good way to convey all the shop news, so take a look.  I’ll be posting pictures of finished blades, and updating product pages as I can, and then once all outstanding orders are complete, we’ll regroup and try to figure out what to do next.