Dang, It’s really cold all the sudden, and crap keeps happening


December was sweltering and wet, and now January has been is frigid and sunny, and then foggy and cold.  I think el Nino is drunk or Bipolar.

Working in the shop when it’s cold is just fine, but forming kydex becomes a little bit trickier, and Cerakoting is impossible.  This week so far I’ve been tidying up a few side projects, and making counterspace so I can lay out all the items that need handle fitting before they are otherwise prepped for coating.  We’re still waiting to get the replacement control board for the CNC router, and I’m still solidifying the design for the cart and dust collection arrangement for it.

I just received word that our table at Blade Show this June will be 17B

Blade show 2016 floor plan as of today: http://www.selfrelianceessentials.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/BLADE-616-L381068-FP.pdf

There’s only 5 months to get ready, so I reckon I’ll have to start sleeping less.

The bad news is that even though I thought otherwise at first, it seems that the heat treater missed the mark again and I’ll have to have everything re-done by our old heat treater that has done consistent work for us in the past.  I am super frustrated about this, and also pissed because I’m going to have to sandblast about all the blades they had processed because they rusted a little when they had them over the holidays.    I’m also pissed that I didn’t do edge testing right when I got them back so I could verify that they were screwed up.   Live and learn, I suppose.   I’ll be seeking a refund for the bad services they provided, and then I’ll have to wait for our old heat treater to get our blades hardened correctly.

Hopefully the next blog entry will be all good news