A very wet November

It’s been raining pretty much all month so far, and today is no exception.  I’ve been inspired to do some indoors work on the CNC router spindle.  So far, I have the air diverter completed, and now I need to make a new top cover housing that will hold the optical sensor and female spade terminals for the AC Power so I can  remove some bulky wires and make it easier to get close the spindle for changing bits without bumping into wires and stuff.  The 3D printer is coming in handy, and when I get all the models figured out, I will post downloadable files so those who are running Porter Cable spindles on their hobby CNC routers can benefit from all this rigamarole I’m going through.    I’ll put in a could of hours at the grinder tonight and do some finish grinding on tomahawks.   The batch only needs a few more days of solid work before I can send it for heat treat.  I’d like to get a few more pieces done in the same batch, like a couple of CCW hawks, camp hatchets and axes, and perhaps a few others.

A video report will be coming as soon as I get the CNC router back together with most of its improvements.