Learning From Experience is the Worst

Brynn here, typing as Jared dictates.

Lesson #1: gravity is not your friend.

Lesson #2: the human body is not indestructible.

Lesson #3: bicycles are for crazy people.

So, last Sunday was a beautiful day. Then I broke my shoulder by flying over the handbars of my mountain bike and crashing into the dirt. The only positive aspect of this accident is that it happened within about 60 yards of my house, so I was able to walk home.

Yesterday, my girlfriend chauffeured me to three different medical offices, starting with my chiropractor and ending with an orthopedic surgeon, who wants to perform surgery tomorrow. The x-rays indicate a complete AC joint separation, but I hope another orthopedic specialist will ask for an MRI so that the true severity of the injury can be discovered without cutting me open. It’s amazing how much trauma the body can sustain without breaking through the skin.

All this means is that I won’t be able to participate in manual shop activities until I have two hands/shoulders to work with. Don’t know how long that will be. I’ll respond to emails as quickly as possible, but in the mean time, phone is probably the best way to reach me.

I plan to use my recovery time productively, using pencil and paper and my computer to design and engineer new products and processes for production. I expect to make a full recovery and finish all outstanding orders as soon as I am able. I may enlist the assistance of a helper to do some of the work.

It seems that my blog has primarily served as a warning system for those living an active lifestyle. Murphy doesn’t have much mercy or discretion in choosing his victims. Be smart and safe, and don’t get on a two-wheeled vehicle. Or a skateboard. Or roller blades. Or skis, or a snowboard, or anything that involves speed and gravity as a mode of transportation. I have resolved to wear my seat belt and drive slowly in a very safe car from now on, instead of partaking in thrills or exercise at the risk of permanent injury.

And don’t stab yourself with swords, either.