CNC is our friend (Maybe), and kick starters are our enemy


Last week I was almost totally worthless because of my weak back.  Starting a Honda XR650R with a kicker puts a lot of force into one leg, and SI joint, so mine got out of whack, and I’ve been uncomfortable and unable to do regular work since last Sunday.  See video report from last week here:

Tomahawks are being machined at a local CNC shop, and I had hoped to get some video of that operation, but they haven’t called me to come over and do that yet.  So far, I only have one CNC machined tomahawk in my possession, and I still have to set up my grinders and other tools to do the finishing operations on it.  I hope to put a lot of time in the shop this week, but my back is still tender and I don’t want to aggravate it too much.  We’ll see how it goes; As usual, things are going slower than I hoped.

My dad has been undertaking a lot of work around and in the house he grew up in in order to get it ready for sale.  I’ve had to help with a few tasks over the last week, which I was able to perform adequately, although in not the best form.  Cleaning out the attic; sorting old stuff and being reminded of visits to Mama Merle and Big Al’s house when the were both still full of life back in the early 1980’s.  Now that they’re both gone, my dad is the patriarch of the family, and will have a lot on his shoulders until all the estate stuff is settled.  Until then, he won’t be much help to me around the shop, but that’s ok.

There should be plenty more news and progress to share in a week, so I’ll try to make that happen.  Right now, just sitting at my computer is uncomfortable, so I’d be better off standing up or laying down.   Thank goodness Rigs is getting better at fetching the paper in the morning.