website, puppy walking, night grinding

Well,  A lot of folks (those on my newsletter list who don’t have aol mail addresses) received a brief newsletter and link to this new website today.  I heard back from a few folks, and have been using their input to continue improving it this afternoon.

I’m hoping it’ll be self explanatory, and people will enjoy the extra work I’m putting into “transparency” of my work and life.  I enjoy life, and I hope that by sharing my methods, maybe others will be able to get some inspiration and enjoy their lives even more.

Now, at nearly 8pm, I’m heading to the shop to put in an hour of grinding on new Kodiak swords.   Pictures will follow when I get back.

Well, Now it’s 10:14pm after a couple of hours of grinding work, I ended up doing flat sanding and profile clean up instead of bevel grinding.


I returned to the computer to find an email from one of my customers (Thanks  Brian!) that I’ve been “officially knocked-off”.  I’m a little bit appalled, flabergasted, and maybe a little flattered.

At first I only saw the picture below, then I found this page:

Holy Shit!