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December 7th,”Slap a Jap Day”

I had a discussion with some friends about “Slap a Jap Day” last night.  Some of them seemed to think that such a name for a day is racist or something.  I don’t put too much thought into choosing words to keep from offending people because I went to kindergarten back in 1985 and learned […]

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website, puppy walking, night grinding

Well,  A lot of folks (those on my newsletter list who don’t have aol mail addresses) received a brief newsletter and link to this new website today.  I heard back from a few folks, and have been using their input to continue improving it this afternoon. I’m hoping it’ll be self explanatory, and people will […]

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A new Grinder: setting up with patience

Today is January 7th, 2015; writing that date makes me feel old because I learned how to write dates back in the 80’s. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but it would be much tougher if I didn’t have a great support system to keep me fed and sheltered.   I live on my parent property […]

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