Everybody’s working for the weekend, but I’m working ON the weekend.

May 25th, 2019

This month, I’m actually on point with the blog post, and hopefully with another video update. It’s amazing how much more productive and energetic I get when the sun stays out longer during a 24 hour period.

This week we’re supposed to have something of a heat wave, so working hours will be limited during the daytime, but I’ll be staying up late in order to keep things moving along.

Firing up the CNC machine is a temperature sensitive issue since the machine does produce its own heat and there’s no AC in the part of the shop where it lives. I’ll rejoice on the day I can move into a fully insulated and climate controlled shop.

I’m excited about finishing up some old work as I continue inching closer to tomahawk production. Discovering new issues as I go along has been a bit frustrating, but I suppose learning new skills and operating new equipment always requires a few growing pains. Right now, I think I’m all set to go. I just need to edit a program, load it, mix some coolant and push GO.

I’ll be taking pictures of new stuff, and trying to update product pages, as well as figure out a way to let people know what’s actually for sale.