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Tanuki Katana


The Tanuki is not a real Katana but an Americanized bastard version intended to serve its operator in a way that is functionally the same, but with some deviations from authentic construction that allow for greater durability, and equal or better cutting performance in the type of targets that practical sword enthusiasts might encounter more frequently than Tatami mats or unruly Japanese merchant.

The first 4 swords lack distal taper, which is a tricky geometry to grind into a blade, but we hope that our metal processing ability will allow it to be a standard feature in the future.

Built from premium CPM3V steel and heat treated for maximum strength and edge holding ability, there is no real world cutting chore that should be much trouble for this sword, and it is likely to be far better suited to common tasks than any typically not asked of authentic reproductions.

A sheath for such a sword is a sort of system. It must allow the blade to be deployed quickly and safely, stored or carried safely, and mounted to a variety of harnesses or fixed positions so the blade can be ready for use at a moments notice. Preventing unintentional contact with the cutting edge in all situations is the key point. Murphy’s law dictates that a sheath be overbuilt to a point at which accidental exsanguination or dismemberment becomes impossible. A lot goes into this sheath, but the added safety is worth the extra weight and trouble.

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