3B Ultralight

3B Ultralight: $550

This is a modified version of the Anubis tomahawk that is more suited to using a paracord-wrapped handle.  Instead of a pronounced lanyard loop feature at the pommel, the butt end of the grip flares out gradually and terminates with a chamfered steel edge so that if thrown into a hard-ish object, is more likely to penetrate a little instead of stopping dead, which would create more shock and increase the likelihood of material failure.  The profile of the handle also allows a cleaner release from the hand, whereas the regular 3B and Anubis pretty much try to stick in your hand and if you try to throw them, they will hook your pinky finger and bite you in the leg.  If in your wildest dreams, you ever think you’ll need to throw your weapon away and run like a scalded dog, then this is the version to choose.   Available standard with micarta grips (with weight removed from the inside of the grips).   If you really need to save weight, then you can specify a paracord only handle and save $75.