Rigormortis Puppy “Rigs”, “Rigger”

Rigs is a bastard son of a bitch (border collie) whose father was a tramping Brittany (a bird dog of sorts).  He eats a lot of venison, collard greens and oatmeal.  He’s learning how to do awesome dog things like find dead stuff to chew on, make poop, and run trails with his person (Jared).  Hopefully this page will show how well he grows up; he might even get his own youtube videos.

1/23/14:  Rigs is growing and learning to be more obedient.  He can cross a creek on a 10″ log which is about 6 feet above the water level without any hesitation.  He plays hold his own against the neighbor’s 65 pound Husky/pit mix, and is still pretty much on a local food diet, although sometimes he chews on other things.

Foam Muncher