3B Tomahawk

3B (Backpacking, Bushcraft, Badass): $500

The 3B Tomahawk is derived from “Anubis,” the ultimate tomahawk. With the removal of a single feature (the sharp edge under the spike “Anubis edge”) we have transformed a battlefield weapon into a less menacing multi-purpose axe. This tool is designed for heavy duty work in the field.

Because it has three distinct cutting edges, the 3B can accommodate tasks not normally suited to a camp axe. It’s finer than average axe edge makes cutting chores less tiresome. The mohawk edge is useful especially when the spike is driven into a stump to create a fixed cutting edge (both hands can control the work piece, allowing for safer, faster chip removal). The hooked edge can be used to quietly cut small trees and branches with a single, controlled pull.


  • Badger claw spike for aggressive penetration
  • Sharpened hook under beard of axe edge for pull cutting chores
  • Sharpened mohawk edge: With spike embedded into a stump, the mohawk edge can be used as a fixed knife blade to make carving chores safer and faster.


  • Material: .25″ thick 1095 Carbon steel Austempered 50-52 HRC
  • Overall Length: 18.5
  • Weight: 2.2 Lbs


  • Mirror polish one blade face for signal mirror (+20)
  • Large or small handstop
  • Additional sheath at time of purchase $45